Exterior Drains in Chester, VA

Do you have Exterior Drain problems?

Are you tired of seeing standing water in your yard or having a muddy property overall? It can be so inconvenient to have a muddy yard especially when you have kids or pets that want to play outside or even when cutting the grass. 

There can be many contributions to the accumulation of water on the property including:

  • Downspouts draining water onto the property
  • High water table
  • Condensation and sump pump discharge pipes
  • Low spots and uneven properties 
  • Natural underground springs 
  • Improper grading and very flat properties with poor drainage 

At Tiger C Construction LLC, every property is different, and takes a very thorough evaluation to identify exactly where a drainage solution is needed. Whether it is a solution with French drains, channel trench drains, catch basins, regrading, or sump pumps, we will let you know why your property is having water issues and how they need to be addressed to have a dry and usable yard again.

To learn more About us and the services we offer to completely protect and prevent further water damage that may arise in your home, call us today!

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Is An Exterior Drain Going To Help?

There’s no doubt that exterior drains are an important part of your home. They help keep water away from the foundation and prevent flooding. An exterior drain is a system of pipes that carries water away from your home’s foundation. The system includes a series of perforated pipes that are buried around the perimeter of your home. These pipes are connected to the main drainage pipe, which runs to a lower point on your property. Water enters the perforated pipes and is carried away from your home through the main pipe.

Water Accumulation Effects
Without a Proper Drainage System

  • Water in the soil around your foundation can cause the soil to expand and put pressure on the foundation walls. This can lead to cracks in the foundation and damage to your home’s structure.
  • Water that seeps into the basement can damage belongings and create an ideal environment for mold growth. Molds can have various negative effects such as triggering allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Flooding is a very common problem if you have no proper drainage system. Floodwaters can damage your home, belongings, and your surroundings. This will then result in bigger problems such as accidents, health risks, and damage to your property.

Tiger C Construction LLC helps your home protect from these possible problems. By installing an exterior drain and doing foundation repair Chester VA, you are lessening the chance of these problems. exterior drains are important in every home. not just to avoid possible damage but also to prevent flooding.

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Our Exterior Drainage Solutions

Whether your property gets more underground water or surface water accumulation, both issues are addressed in similar ways. Every solution generally entails excavating a trench to redirect the water to a specific location to drain the water by gravity or into a sump pump if the property is too flat. The purpose of any drainage system or excavation is to “catch” the water before it accumulates in the specific areas to then redirect it elsewhere. We also install trench channel drains for garages that receive water!

Don’t worry about how your yard will look after we finish the job, we will be sure to clean up the excess soil and we will even put back any grass that was removed over the areas of excavation. Proper drainage of the property can help reduce the chances of water getting into your crawl space waterproofing Chester VA or basements as well. If you are already experiencing water in your crawl space or basement waterproofing Chester VA, call us to schedule a free inspection to discuss whether an exterior or interior solution will be best for your home! 

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What Our
Customers Say?
Happy to have chosen Tiger C. Construction to install my basement water management system. My basement doesn’t even smell like a basement anymore! Clear explanations were given to all questions in a timely manner before, during and after installation. A timeline was given and adhered to. No surprises. Installation was professional and clean-up was carefully attended to. Outstanding customer service – always prompt, polite, and professional. An investment well worth it.
Jeanne S
Jeanne S
This company is great to work with. I had a water issue in one room in my basement. Every single person I dealt with, from the owner, the owner’s son, the guys who came to do some of the work and the sweet girl who answered the phone went above and beyond. If you have a waterproofing issue, this is the company to call.
Diana Englehart
Diana Englehart
The Tiger C Team was outstanding. They kept me up to date with the progress of the project and I could not be happier with the finished product. Will definitely use again in the future.
Tim Kulynych
Tim Kulynych
Professional service, well done
Henry Ayon
Henry Ayon
Tiger Construction fixed a water issue in our crawl space and replace out ugly metal crawl space door with a PVC door. Great work!
Lori Shaffer
Lori Shaffer
Excellent work and process. Great communication as project was implemented. Would highly recommend.
Mary L. Murphy
Mary L. Murphy
The guys from Tiger C Construction came out and did a great job with the drain system and sump pump under my house. They also installed jack to level floor in our bedroom. They were on time , completed the job on time and cleaned the area when done. I would tell anyone to call Tiger C Construction , I am very very pleased with the work and the people !!!
Jim Bass
Jim Bass
We had a fantastic experience with the entire Tiger C team. They are so knowledgeable, responsive, quick and thorough. The work was precise and they cleaned up really thoroughly afterwards—our yard looks nicer now than when they started. Can’t recommend them enough for any foundation waterproofing needs.
Alexis Feria
Alexis Feria
Wow! From start to finish, Tiger C Construction is your go-to for crawl space repair! They are honest, professional, and provide high-quality work with smiles on their faces! We were overwhelmed and stressed dealing with other companies and their outrageous ideas and quotes, but they instantly eased all of that during the free consultation! It was just a breath of fresh air to know that we were dealing with honest and talented people! I can’t thank them enough for working on our home!!
Christie Atkins
Christie Atkins
What to Expect With an Exterior Drain?

We’ll use the latest techniques and equipment to inspect your property and provide the best solution.

After the inspection, our experts will consult with you about the best solution for your properties drainage needs.

Once we’ve completed our work, we’ll clean up the area and make sure it’s a safe and comfortable place for you to use again.