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Tiger C Construction, LLC

Rotten Wood Replacement Services In Richmond, VA

rotten wood replacement in richmond
Rotten Wood Replacement

Addressing the Hidden Threat in Your Home's Foundation

Water and moisture in crawlspaces pose a significant threat to the integrity of your home. Left unattended, this moisture can lead to severe damage, not only affecting the appearance of your home but also compromising its structural integrity. At Tiger Construction, we specialize in identifying and rectifying the damages caused by excessive moisture in your crawlspace, ensuring the longevity and safety of your home.

The Risks of Water Damage in Crawlspaces

Excess moisture in crawlspaces doesn’t just stay there; it seeps into the very foundation of your home, leading to:

  • Mold Growth: The main beams, floor joists, sill plates, and band boards become breeding grounds for mold, affecting the air quality of your home and posing health risks to its inhabitants.
  • Wood Rot: Moisture begins its destruction from the inside out, deteriorating your home’s wooden structures without visible signs until it’s too late.

Signs of Wood Rot in Your Crawlspace

It’s crucial to stay vigilant for the signs of wood rot, which include:

  • Bouncing or uneven floors
  • Settlement cracks within the home
  • Difficulty opening or closing doors
  • Discoloration or dampness on crawlspace lumber

Our Approach to Rotten Wood Replacement

Our team conducts thorough inspections of your crawlspace to identify rotten wood and assess the extent of the damage. We then proceed with the necessary steps to replace or reinforce (sister) the affected lumber. Our approach ensures that:

  • Thorough Replacement: We replace the damaged lumber to prevent further damage and ensure the structural integrity of your home.
  • Preventative Measures: Along with repair, we provide recommendations to prevent future damage, safeguarding your home against similar issues.

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Why Choose Tiger Construction for Rotten Wood Replacement?

  • Expertise: Our professionals are skilled in identifying and addressing the unique challenges posed by water damage in crawlspaces.
  • Quality Materials: We use only the best materials for replacements and repairs, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Peace of Mind: With our comprehensive approach to rotten wood replacement, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.


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See What Our Customers Have To Say

Stephen Rainey
Stephen Rainey
Great experience with Tiger C, everyone we worked with was polite and friendly, they left the job site clean each day and communicated every step of the project. Highly recommend!
rex linkous
rex linkous
These guys are workers!
Ervin Harris
Ervin Harris
I called Tiger C Construction for an estimate because the company had good reviews and a clean record. However, it was the way they explained every phase of the process and how the solutions would resolve the problem that sold me. The workers showed up and did the job exactly as advertised; I was extremely happy with the results. They totally transformed my home's structure and crawl space to the point where it is level and moisture free. Overall, the entire job from start to finish was an enjoyable experience; I highly recommend this company.
jim schoonover
jim schoonover
Overall I was pleased with Tiger C. They did an inspection agreed with me on possible solution, installed everything on time. My only disappointment was after I had made a deposit on the work to done, but not completed, I received a coupon in the mail offering 5 % off any job, when inquired about the coupon, I was told they could not honor it. Maybe its just little thing, but don't send stuff out if you are not going to stick by your offer. 175 dollars is still a big chunk of money, even if the fine print say you have to present coupon before inspection.
dale leidich
dale leidich
It is refreshing to be able to make an enthusiastic post in support of a contractor. Tiger C did a great job for us. They installed a new trench drain along the end of our house, installed a yard inlet, installed new below grade drain tiles for our downspouts, and they completely reworked our crawlspace. The crawlspace work included new perimeter drain tile inside the foundation walls tied into a sump, new crawlspace access door, and complete encapsulation. We no longer have drainage issues outside and the previous water and moisture issues in the crawlspace are behind us. These folks are knowledgeable, hardworking, responsive, and honest. Highly Recommended!
Shirley Ragar
Shirley Ragar
What a GREAT experience we had!! From start to finish they were on top of everything. We will be referring them to everyone.
Bob Brody
Bob Brody
Very professional and well done on all aspects of the project.
Jennifer Staples
Jennifer Staples
Really great experience with the team at Tiger C! They were thorough, professional, courteous, reliable, and provided excellent advise and service. Will recommend them to others!